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Your Destiny Is Written In The Stars

When I read the horoscope of a person, the picture of that person’s life is clear to me. By the grace of god, I try to help that person as much as possible and show them the right path.

About Divine Praise By Reetu

Reetu Agarwal is an Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader and a Healer. She began her work in 2015 and over the years by the help of different modalities like:

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These modalities help people to create their new life and clear blocks. Reetu teaches them different techniques by which they solve their day to day life issues. Your horoscope is a blueprint of your life.



Tarot Card Reading

Vedic Mantra Healing

Angel Card Reading

Divine Healing Codes

Crystal Healing


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What My Clients Say

Such a friendly nature and listen everything very patiently and give the best solution of any problem .” she is different from other astrologers. She gave me accurate predictions about my daughters studies and  nature. She also tells some simple remedies which give me powerful results. She is very down to earth person and talks very politely. She always has solution for all your problems.


I have been taking Reetu’s consultation since a really long time she helped me so much through her healings and the crystal bands that she suggested. What an amazing astrologer! Highly recommend it.

Simran Gujral

Reetu Aggarwal is superb, she is simply marvelous, a genius of its own kind. I have never interacted with any astrologer in my entire life but heard a lot about it. But after interacting with her ,I can’t believe that stuff like this ever existed. She only asked me about by date of birth, place and time, and oh my God, she came up with so accurate assessment of my entire past. Whether it was education, marriage, job, health, family and career etc., every single thing with perfect pin on the year of events. I am a super fan of this Lady. I highly recommend her for any expert advice. Please contact her ,she is not only a great astrologer but also a very nice human being. I suggest those who need advice should contact her ASAP. Trust me you will be happy and positively surprised. God Bless her!

Jasleen Kaur Suri

Reetuji’s guidance and approach has benefited me in many ways. By carefully listening and taking time in understanding my problems, her advice makes me feel very confident. Very simple adjustments to daily routines make it easy to practice that resulted in positive outcomes. Happy with the overall  experience! Thank you Reetuji  🙏🏻


Great astrologer I have come across ever . Her experience and approach is great towards life and helped me a lot to come over in my worst situation. Such a friendly nature and listen everything very patiently and give the best solution of any problem .

Kanika Jain

Divine Praise By Reetu

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